In the province of Pavia, close to the more known Vigevano, you can find a typical Lombard farmhouse built in 1824, surrounded by fields dedicated to the growing of Carnaroli rice: La Tenuta Drovanti.

It is a family managed farm, growing rice for many generations, taking care of all the phases of the production, wisely combining tradition, experience and ancient consuetudes with innovation and technologies in means and criteria of cultivation.

Cultivation is carried out in compliance with the Italian and European regulations, preferring quality rather than quantity and profit. For this reason, sludges have never been used to fertilize the land of La Tenuta because the land is a precious asset as well as the typical ecosystem of this territory.
Frogs jumping in the water among the rice fields, fishes and darts in waterways, dragonflies and colorful butterflies, herons, pheasants and hares have never left the fields of La Tenuta.

Carnaroli Tenuta Drovanti is produced here only.