We grow the passion for good rice and consequently for good recipes. Below is a selection of the best dishes we made with our rice and which we hope will please you too... Enjoy!

4 servings

Tenuta Drovanti Rice in cream with saffron flowers, sprouts, herbs and smoked foie gras.

Recipe of the Colonne Restaurant in Varese, Chef Silvio Battistoni

  • INGREDIENTS: Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti.

4 servings

Brown Carnaroli cube with black bread scallop, lemon gel and Brussels sprout

Recipe by Chef Valerio Cabri

  • INGREDIENTS: 280 g of  brown Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti, shallot 50 g, Extra virgin olive oil 50 g, Boiled Brussels sprout and cut in half n ° 2, Organic Lemon juice 125 ml, Agar Agar 3 g, Honey 10 g, Grated stale black bread g 100, Fresh scallops n ° 4, Cetara anchovy sauce 30 ml, Rice vinegar (or apple) 20 ml, Quince jam 100 g, Ginger powder 1 g.

    Boil the brown rice in a saucepan in slightly salted water or vegetable stock for about 35 minutes. Once cooked, drain it and spread it on a baking sheet to facilitate rapid cooling. The consistency of this rice will never be as velvety and soft as that of a refined rice, so we will try to center a cooking that enhances the full grain as much as possible. (sometimes things are not good at the first shot, no problem, the next attempt will improve the result)

    It is not necessary that there is lemon gel, but if you have time you can try your hand with this preparation that you can then repeat with the juice of any citrus fruit. To prepare it, just grate the peel of the washed lemons and keep them aside. Then 50 ml of water, 50 ml of squeezed lemon juice and filtered with 3 g of agar agar powder and honey will bring to a boil. You will boil about a minute, then you need to turn off the stove. Combine the remaining juice and bring it to room temperature. Once cool, emulsify with the immersion blender or the food processor, obtaining a fluid gel.

    In microwave, add quince jam with a few drops of water if it is very solid, and add ginger powder according to your taste to have a slightly fresher taste of the classic quince. Heat the mixture for about a minute at medium power to obtain a certain syrupiness.

    At this point you can chop the shallot together with the red coral of the scallops and sauté in a non-stick pan with a little oil, add the rice and lemon peel and, over high heat, roast it regularly. When the rice has a crust, blend with the rice vinegar and the anchovy sauce, then turn off the heat and form the cube with the stencil if you want to serve as in the picture.

    Sauté the lightly salted scallops in a non-stick pan and the sprouts previously boiled for about 40 seconds per side, resting in a pan with the fire off for about a minute. Place the sprouts on the cube of rice and pass the hot scallops in the breadcrumbs. Complete the dish with quince jam and lemon gel.

4 servings

Risotto with peas and courgettes

  • INGREDIENTS: 300g of Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti, half a shallot, 250g of fresh shelled peas and 250g of courgette (the small ones, which often still have the flower attached and that, if very fresh they seem to be barbed) 80g of butter, half a glass of dry white wine, one and 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, grated Parmesan and a liter of boiling broth (make a little more if you like a softer and creamy risotto).
  • PROCEDURE: In a high saucepan, fry the chopped shallot in oil (ie cook it for a few minutes on a low flame, so that it can release its aroma without burning) it will take 5/6 minutes (but depends on the thickness of the mixture) then add the peas and afterwards the zucchini cut into small cubes (and not on wheels as usual !!) to make well flavored and remove a tablespoon of vegetables to be used at the end to give crunchiness. After browning the remaining vegetables well, add the rice, toast it well, to the touch the back of your hand has to burn, and only then blend with the white wine. Dry well and pour a couple of ladles of hot stock. Cook for 16/18 minutes adding broth when the rice is dry. Finally add the vegetables left aside, remove from the heat incorporate grana padano to taste and 80 g of very cold butter.
    It’s a very delicate dish, so if you want you can omit the grana and savor the delicacy of peas and zucchini! Being first fruits even those only scalded will be perfect both as flavor and consistency.

4 servings

Milanese Minestrone

  • INGREDIENTS300 g of Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti, 1 cabbage, 3 onions, 1 courgette, 4 carrots, 3 stalks of celery, 3 sage leaves, 4 potatoes, 2 tomatoes, 300 g of borlotti beans, 1 bunch of basil, a mixture of minced lard, parsley and 1 clove of garlic, 150 g of pork rind, scraps of grana padano cheese, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and salt.
  • PROCEDURE: mince the lard with the crescent, garlic and a part of the basil and gently heat in a high pot. Add all the vegetables except the cabbage and the remaining basil, the Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti and the cheese. Make it well flavored and add water. Cook for 2 hours, then add the cabbage, the Grana Padano crusts and salt to taste. Put the rice and cook for another 15 minutes. Remove from the heat.
    Before serving, crush the potatoes to thicken the stock, add the remaining basil and a dash of raw oil.

    P.S. I remember when my grandmother was preparing it. It was a very long preparation and often the original recipe was modified with seasonal additions, for example peas, broad beans in spring, fennel and pumpkin in autumn. Also some preferred parsley and minced raw garlic before serving.

4 servings

Risotto with asparagus

  • INGREDIENTS300 g of Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti, 1 kg of asparagus, half a chopped onion, half a glass of white wine, 80 g. of butter, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, 50 g. grated Parmesan cheese, a liter (approximately) of vegetable stock.
  • PROCEDURE: Scrape and wash the asparagus, cut the tips and set aside. Prepare a vegetable stock by adding the asparagus stalks and salt as desired.
    Sauté the onion in half the butter and a little oil, then add the asparagus tips, except for a couple, making them flavor for a few minutes.
    Add the Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti. Brown very well until the rice is very hot to the touch, blend with the wine (which must dry very well) and cook for about 16/18 minutes, adding broth past the colander. Cut the asparagus tips in a thin slice and put them in the risotto a couple of minutes before turning off the heat.

    When the fire is off, stir in the risotto with very cold butter and Parmigiano Reggiano. So serve.

4 servings

Risotto with radicchio

Recipe by Chef Leonardo Perisse

  • INGREDIENTS300 g. of Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti, 250 g. of red radicchio, 200 g. gorgonzola cheese DOP, 30 g. walnuts, vegetable broth.
  • PROCEDURE: Stew the peeled radicchio, washed and cut into strips in a pan with a drizzle of oil.
    Adjust salt and pepper and blend the cooked vegetables with a spoonful of vegetable broth.
    Pass the puree through a colander and make the radicchio juice – keep warm.
    Toast the rice with a knob of butter, blend with white wine (half a glass) and cook with vegetable broth.
    In the meantime, toast the chopped walnuts and cut the gorgonzola.
    When cooked, remove the rice from the heat, stir in the gorgonzola and serve.

    To serve, garnish with toasted walnuts and radicchio juice

4 servings

Risotto with peperoni

Recipe by Chef Leonardo Perisse

  • INGREDIENTS300 g. of Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti, 3 peperoni, 4 basil leaves, 150 g. tuna, 100 g. feta cheese, 1 onion, lemon to taste, vegetable broth to taste, salt and pepper to taste
  • PROCEDURE: add one red pepeoni and coarsely cut it. Heat the oil and onion in a pan and add the pepperoni and basil leaves. Cook over high heat then blend with a little broth, if necessary, to obtain a soft cream. Marinate the tuna tartare with oil, salt and grated lemon zest (the lemon must be organic and have an edible peel) and set aside.
    Toast the Tenuta Drovanti classic carnaroli in a knob of butter, blend with white wine and cook with vegetable broth. Halfway through cooking add the peperoni cream. Finally, stir in extra virgin olive oil and basil.
    To serve garnish with the tuna tartare, a few cubes of fresh feta and chopped basil.

4 servings

Risotto with black truffle

Recipe by Chef Leonardo Perisse

  • INGREDIENTS300 g. of Carnaroli rice Tenuta Drovanti, 280 g. of fresh cream, 300 g. Grana Padano cheese, black truffle to taste, vegetable broth to taste
  • PROCEDURE: Marinate the truffle in extra virgin olive oil. Toast the Carnaroli Classico Tenuta Drovanti in a knob of butter, blend with the white wine and cook with vegetable broth or plain water. In a separate saucepan, bring the cream with freshly chopped pepper to the boil.
    Remove from heat and add the parmesan, mix well until it forms a smooth cream.
    At the end of cooking, stir the carnaroli with the parmesan cream and plate.
    To serve, garnish with the truffle marinated in EVO oil.

4 servings

Risotto with asparagus and scallops

Recipe by Chef Leonardo Perisse

  • INGREDIENTS: 300 g Carnaroli Classico Tenuta Drovanti rice, 1 bunch of green asparagus, 8 scallops, 20 g. butter, zest of 1/2 untreated lemon, broth to taste
  • PROCEDURE: boil the asparagus in a pot with water, blend them with a ladle of vegetable broth and keep warm. Macerate a carpaccio of scallops in oil, salt, pepper and parsley powder for 1 hour. Toast the Carnaroli Classico Tenuta Drovanti in a knob of butter, blend with white wine and cook with vegetable broth. When cooked, pour the asparagus cream into the risotto, stir in the butter and plate. To serve garnish with marinated scallops and a grated organic lemon zest with edible zest.