The Carnaroli Tenuta Drovanti belongs to the group of superfine rice: it is a pearly rice, characterized by an inner gem, visible to the naked eye, that gives this rice great resistance to cooking.
Carnaroli Tenuta Drovanti is followed in all the stages of its life: selection of the seeds, growth, harvesting, drying, storage, maturing and artisanal processing in small batches.
Carnaroli Tenuta Drovanti is characterized by an high yield in the kitchen: thanks to its high starch content, this variety greatly increases its initial volume, remains “al dente” and excellently absorbs the aromas and flavorings of your recipes.

Tenuta Drovanti

Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli Tenuta Drovanti is one of the best rices in the world to prepare risotto, specialties of the Italian kitchen and rice salads. you can also taste it as plain boiled rice.

  • Rice origin: Italy
  • Available in packages: 0,5 kg – 1 kg – 2 kg
  • Cooking time: 16/18′
  • Store in a dry and cool place